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Portable version of asciidoc including plugins (dot, mathplotlib, docbook, latex, code highlighting)

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AsciidocToGo '

AsciidocToGo is a full featured portable version of asciidoc that contains the complete toolchain to build html or docbook/latex based PDF documentation out of plain ascii txt files. Just download AsciidocToGo and start writing instead of seaching day or maybe weeks to put together all of the the required software parts.


AsciidocToGo is delivered as a stand alone package for windows and MAC-OS including the following parts:


Download AsciidocToGo zip file for your platform:


AsciidocToGo itself is lisenced under the GPLv2. AsciidocToGo is based on a lot of third party packages.

Please refer to: AsciidocToGo and third party licenses


Start AsciidocToGo and select the desired tab to produce html or docbook pdf files

Create HTML files with asciidoc

AsciidocToGo Asciidoc Tab

This html document is created with AsciidocToGo asciidoc from this txt file

Create Docbook pdf files with a2x

AsciidocToGo Asciidoc Tab

This pdf document is created with AsciidocToGo a2x from the same source

Windows Explorer Context Menu Entry

AsciidocToGo can add a registry based link to start AsciidocToGo with a right click on a txt file:

AsciidocToGo Context Menu

Batch files for scripting

The package also provides batch files to start asciidoc and a2x from the command line.

Current State

Alpha Version 0.0.5.

Copyright (c) by Carsten Breuer (